March 15, 2018

Hey Alexa, ask Hayward to turn on my pool light

No matter when your pool was built, you want it to look, & run, like it’s from the future. Pull your pool into this decade with the new VS Omni and Alexa.

The Hayward VS Omni is part variable speed pump, part phone app. On top of that, the app can be connected to Alexa. This means you’ll be able to control four backyard features with your voice. This could include any of the following:

  • Set water temperature
  • Turn a water feature on/off
  • Change the color off your pool light and turn it on/off
  • Control backyard lighting
  • Adjust pump speed

Additionally, upgrading your pool to a variable speed pump saves you money over time. A variable speed pump uses 90% less energy per year than a standard pump. The VS Omni would make your pool  automated and energy efficient, all in one step.

District Sales Manager of Hayward, Matt Dokman, says, “This new product is high end, comes with a touch screen, features USB tech updates, and comes with a new pump, all in one box. Just add Alexa. You could even control two pumps with this product, say, a pool pump and a hot tub pump.” 

What if you want to add more than four automated features? Matt says, “The customer could upgrade to an OmniLogic. This system can have many relays added, however, they would have to make sure they can get 100 amps to the sub panel. The OmniLogic is fully integrated with Alexa as well.”

When you’re ready to get a new pump, be sure to ask about this upgrade. It’s a great time to make your pool feel new again.

Written by Kylie Torres