April 10, 2018

TorresWorks Construction meets Sirena Pool & Spa

What is TorresWorks Construction:

TorresWorks Construction is the minority owned & operated local business you have loved for years, started up by Pete and his wife Shelly Torres. We are your subcontractor or direct contractor for in-ground swimming pools, excavation, driveways, building foundations, sidewalks, curb, gutter, stamped patios, & more. We build in the greater Grand Rapids area primarily, but have been known to travel anywhere in Michigan for our clients. TorresWorks Construction is here to stay.

TorresWorks tackles most construction jobs, however, we have always focused on building in-ground vinyl liner pools. Our owner, Pete Torres, has been building and servicing pools since the 1990’s. As we have grown, we realized, no one knows that TorresWorks Construction specializes in swimming pools. This created the need for TorresWorks to form another assumed name: Sirena Pool & Spa.

In comes Sirena Pool & Spa:

Sirena Pool & Spa is TorresWorks Construction, two names, one great LLC. We joked about calling the new branch “Pete’s Pools,” because that’s what we are, we are Pete’s pools. Everyone knows Pete in the West Michigan pool industry. We landed on the name Sirena because we want our clients to know we are more than a local mom & pop shop, we are your luxury pool & spa retailer in the Grand Rapids area. (If you love our logo, be sure to check out our designer’s page, he’s amazing!)

The great thing for our customers is that Sirena Pool & Spa won’t just be building pools, we will be fully servicing them. In the past, we have had issues with not being able to service everyone’s pools & spas because of how busy we get building during the summer. This year, that won’t be the case. We have a brand new service department that will be able to repair your heater, fix leaks, open/close your pool, and meet all of your needs. 

Additionally, Sirena Pool & Spas is going to have a showroom in Comstock Park off of West River Drive. This is a new and exciting avenue of growth for TorresWorks Construction. Now, you’ll be able to come in and see a display pool, several display hot tubs, stamped & colored concrete options, and vinyl liner samples. As well, you can come by on your way home from work to pick up salt, chlorine, or anything else your pool might need. We will even have a water testing center with a pool professional in house to help you balance your water. We expect to open the space this summer, stay tuned for our opening date!