May 17, 2018

Vinyl Liner Pool Step Guide

Whether you’re installing a new swimming pool or updating an existing one, you are bombarded with options. Choosing pool steps is fun, but it can also be overwhelming. Here is a guide to a few of those options:

Thermoplastic Steps

Thermoplastic steps are the most common step choice. The most affordable of these options is the 6′ or 8′ Step-N-Rest in white. If you’re updating an existing pool, you’ll want the same size step as you currently have. If you’re getting a new pool, the cost of the 8′ step and 6′ step is the same, when you account for the wall space you won’t need to purchase with the larger step.

The white is the most affordable color option, while the grays will cost a couple hundred dollars more.


This is the Step-N-Rest, the most common step option.


This is the Radius Roman option. It is a few hundred dollars more than the standard Step-N-Rest.


Here we have the Lazy Lounge. This is great for a deep end entry. It can be hooked up to have extra jets on it and act as a place to sit and rest while you enjoy a drink or watch the kids.


The Corner Step is a great option if you’d like an automatic cover, but you don’t want to spend the extra money on a vinyl-over step option. The cost of these corner steps is similar to the standard Sten-N-Sit.

Vinyl-Over Steps

Vinyl-Over Steps start off at costing $1,000 more than most Thermoplastic step options, and can be as complicated as $5,000 more. There are a lot of variables and options when choosing a vinyl-over step, your imagination is the only limit.

When changing a liner in an existing pool, a steel or polymer vinyl-over option can be added at that time. Otherwise, the step will be shown in your dig print for a new pool. Here are some of the many vinyl-0ver step options:

Steps across with sun deck


Rounded sun ledge with steps


Large sun ledge with step in