May 20, 2018

Coping Options

What is coping?

Webster’s defines coping as “the covering course of a wall usually with a sloping top.” In the case of a swimming pool, the wall is the top of your pool and the sloping top usually connects to your deck. For a vinyl liner pool, coping is also where your liner track is. This is the space that holds your liner in place. Pool coping comes in many different forms. Here are a few of them:

Rounded Aluminum Coping

This is the most common coping that Sirena Pools uses. It is rounded aluminum, durable, and affordable. This coping comes in white or grey.

White Aluminum Coping Edge


Gray Aluminum Coping Edge with White Goods (can come in gray)


Cantilever Coping

Cantilever coping is an upgrade option we offer. This is when the coping edge is formed and poured out of cement.

We use Z-Forms to get a chiseled or smooth look on the coping. Z-Forms are great because they are reusable, versus the more common method, which is using styrofoam molds and throwing it out after one use.

One down side of cantilever coping is that, like all cement, it can crack. Cracking usually occurs right after it is poured, during the drying process, or in the winter. Aluminum coping is long lasting and durable. As well, sometimes kids swim suits get stuck on the cement edge when getting out of the pool on their bellies.

Chiseled Edge Cantilever Coping with Standard Concrete


Smooth Cantilever Coping Edge with Standard Concrete


Smooth Cantilever Coping with Colored & Stamped Deck


Chiseled Cantilever Coping with Colored Border, Cut to Look like Pavers