August 16, 2018

Swimming Safe in Michigan

Backyard Pools are a great way to get exercise, entertain guests, keep the kids active, and have loads of summer fun. Pools are an excellent investment. However, when making the decision to install a home swimming pool, it’s important to remember the responsibilities that come with pool recreation. Safe fun is the best kind of fun, and the smartest precaution you can take is self-education. Michigan’s state website provides guidelines on the codes and requirements for swimming pools.

Installing a fence or barrier is your first line of defense. Pool owners in the state of Michigan must install a barrier of their choosing (four foot minimum), and a pool cover should always be applied when a swimming pool is not in use. If a homeowner chooses to invest in an automatic pool cover, however, this may be used in lieu of both the cover and the four foot barrier.

Fence and Barrier Options

When it comes to pool barriers, you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics. Michigan homeowners have a number of code-compliant barrier choices. Aluminum fences come in black and white. Height can vary, and you can choose from a simple design or one that’s more ornamental.

Black, aluminum fence with self-latching gate

White, Vinyl and Aluminum Ornamental Pool Fence

Chain link fences can be a good choice for pool owners with small children or those who live near wooded areas with lots of wildlife. Chain link can be both functional and beautiful. Color options, height, and design can vary greatly. Chain link can even add to your landscape design.

Black, self-latching chain link fence atop retaining wall and TorresWorks cement steps.

For those who prefer a rustic or more natural look, wood fences are also an attractive option.

Wood pool fence with climbing foliage


Features of an Automatic Pool Cover

The state of Michigan requires a barrier for home pools with manual covers. While manual pool covers can be cost-effective, automatic pool covers save you quite a bit of time and money in the grand scheme. Should you choose to invest in an automatic pool cover, you can avoid the expense of a barrier and spare yourself the time it takes to open and close your pool manually.

Automatic pool covers provide the kind of safety reinforcement everyone wants for their family. You can rest easy knowing these covers can close with the push of a button, and they support the weight of most children, pets, or adults. Automatic covers reduce evaporation significantly and keep the chemistry of your pool in balance.

Automatic Pool Covers, Inc. APC 365 model is sleek and user friendly.

Swim Safety 

Automatic covers and barriers provide safety for you and your family outside of the pool, but it’s just as important to be prepared and equipped in the water. The Red Cross provides courses in swimming, water safety, First Aid and CPR. In addition, their website provides a comprehensive list of tips and safety precautions for families with children of all ages. Infants and young children who are not yet proficient swimmers should be provided with secure flotation devices and close supervision. If possible, sign up all swimming-capable family members for CPR, First Aid, and Lifeguarding courses. West Michigan has a number of affordable options.

Life vests are a secure flotation device for small children.

Backyard swimming pools are an oasis meant for refreshment and relaxation. Following safety measures and taking precautions ensures you and your loved ones can enjoy your pool with peace of mind. Splash, slip, slide, or dive! Just always keep safety in mind.