April 10, 2020

Top Five Reasons to own an Automatic Pool Cover

1. Safety is number one!
When your auto cover is shut, no one is getting in: kids, pets, neighbors, no one! This is the main reason for getting one of these covers. If your eyes are not on the pool, you can fully close it. Unlike a fence that can be jumped over, no one is getting into your auto cover without the code when it’s shut. This gives you a piece of mind like no other- especially if you’re out of town and little kids live in your neighborhood.

2. Save Money
In the Midwest, they will pay for themselves with heat and chemical savings. You’ll have less heat loss and less chemical evaporation. This is an average savings of $2,000 per year.

3. Longer Liner Life
The cover takes the abuse and beating from the sun rather than your paint or liner. This will help with color fading of the inside of the pool. With a vinyl liner pool it will extend the life of it, meaning you won’t have to replace your liner as often- more savings!

4. Keeps equipment working better for longer
By keeping your water cleaner and more debris out of your pool, it keeps your pump flowing at a higher rate. With less clogs or issues with sticks and leaves, your equipment can run more effectively.

5. Less maintenance
With an auto cover, you don’t have to do much! This saves a lot of headaches. You have to add water less, chemicals less, clean the pool less, and not worry about if people are getting into your pool when you’re not around. All around win!


The above information was provided by Mike Shadoan of Automatic Pool Covers.